April 2, 2016

Spectator Areas

Spectator Areas


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Mile Marker

1 Ridgeview Elementary School Park in school parking lot. Come from west on Elm Full & Half – Mile 3
2 Johnson County Courthouse Courtyard Park on Cherry or in downtown parking garage. Stay clear of parking on Kansas where runners will run. Full & Half – Mile 4.5
3 Northgate trail head access Park in the trail head lot. Runners will be on opposite side of road at mile 5 heading north, then return around mile 17 on the trail heading south. Full – Mile 6 and 16
4 Northwood Trails trail head to Millcreek Trail Come through neighborhood on 114th from Ridgeview Full – Mile 8 and 14
5 Prairie Star Pkwy trailhead to Millcreek Trail Get there from Woodland or Renner. Ridgeview does not go North past K10. Full – Mile 10 and 12
6 Northgate access trail head to Millcreek Trail Park in trail head lot. Come from east or south to gain access. Full – Mile 16
7 Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop Parking lot. Full – Mile 18 and Half Mile 7
8 Olathe Community Center Come from South on Ridgeview and park in Community Center Lot. Full – Mile 19 and Half – Mile 6
9 The Other Place Park in business parking lot. Full – Mile 23 and Half – Mile 10
10 Heritage Elementary School Park in Heritage Elem School parking lot.
Full – Mile 25, Half – Mile 12 and 10K – Mile 5