July 18, 2014



Not a runner? You can still join the fun by volunteering. Volunteer opportunities range from a couple of hours to a full morning and include positions such as helping with packet pick-up, setting up the course or working as course monitors. Individuals who register to volunteer for Race Day will receive a volunteer hat.


Below are descriptions of some of the many opportunities to volunteer for the Garmin Marathon.


Course Monitors Volunteers can earn up to $20 per intersection!

Organizing a marathon that is safe and fun takes a lot of assistance from not only the Olathe Police Department but also volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help clean up the finish line after the race, and also keep the roads clear of vehicles during the race while cheering on participants as they achieve their goals.

-Course monitors are stationed at various intersections along the course to cheer on participants and assist with vehicle control. Many course monitors chose to volunteer at intersections in their neighborhoods.

Anyone 16 and older can be a course monitor at an intersection on their own. Anyone 9-15 years old must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age. 8 and under are not allowed to be course monitors.



  • Are you an organization looking for fundraising opportunities?
  • Can you commit at least 10 volunteers to the 2018 Garmin Marathon?

For groups and organizations, the Garmin Marathon offers a fun volunteering opportunity.  Qualifying volunteer groups of ten or more will receive $20 for every intersection covered** through a grant group program.  For example, if your group has 20 intersections covered, a donation of $400 will be made to your group.

To request that your group become a GRANT GROUP please complete the FORM AT THIS LINK.

**No one group will receive more than $800.00 in donation monies from the Grant Group Program OR 40 intersections worth.

***Volunteer’s must each work at least one (2-4) hour shift to qualify.


Course and Finish Line Cheer Masters

There are up to five prime locations along the course were volunteers are needed to cheer for runners between the gaps of aid stations, as well as the finish line until 2pm on race day.


Gear Check

Gear check is located in the start/finish line area. Participants have the option to check their clothing and other personal items prior to the race at a secure location and then pick them up at the conclusion of their race.

Volunteers are needed to help set up gear check along with checking in and out participants’ items.


Volunteer Check-In

Be a volunteer by helping other volunteers. Assist welcoming and checking in fellow volunteers race morning and directing them to their specified volunteer location along with giving them their volunteer hat! No prior information needed.


Packet Pickup / Bibs / Shirts and Registration

Packet pickup and late registration will take place at the Expo & Packet Pick-up.

Volunteers are needed to assist with packet distribution, and shirt distribution for all participants. Assistance is also needed with late registration.


Food & Water

Volunteers assist with sorting and distributing food and water to race participants, helping to ensure only participants receive food and water. Help congratulate all the finishers on a job well done!


Beer Tent

MUST BE 21 TO VOLUNTEER FOR THIS POSITION On Saturday, the festival will be rockin’ as many will celebrate after their big race. The beer providers will need help setting up, carrying cases of beer to the tent, monitoring the beer garden for minors and helping serve to the participants. Must be able to lift heavy cases of beer.


Medal Distribution

Volunteers assist with sorting and distributing medals to race participants, helping to ensure only participants receive medals. Help congratulate all the finishers on a job well done!


Results Tent

Volunteers assist with backup finish timing and printing of results for participants. No prior experience is necessary. Come celebrate with all the finishers!


Setup & Tear Down Crew

Volunteers help by setting up the start / finish line area and festival, and also cleaning up the finish line area, both chute and festival, of any recyclables, compostables, clothing and other items at the conclusion of the race festivities.



Thanks to ARRL for volunteering to operate Ham Radios along the whole course.

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