October 27, 2015

Mobile App

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WEB VERSION: https://live.sporthive.com/event/5872

Tracking will be available for participants, spectators, family and friends to utilize during the Garmin Marathon.

Track up to 25 participants live all from your phone! The brand new app uses the participants’ split times and current pace to calculate their estimated location along the course.  View their race marker in real time as they make their way through the Garmin Marathon course. Simply click the Live Tracking button within the app and search by name, email or bib number.  Add them to your tracking list and follow along on race day!

Live tracking also provides the option to have push notifications sent directly to your phone.  Once you have followed a runner, simply click on their name within the live tracking page, click the Following button and Enable Push Notifications to receive a message every time your runner crosses a split.

Find us as “Garmin Marathon” in the App Store or Google Play. The app contains course maps and all the latest race information, so don’t miss out!

*Athletes who registered within the past week may not appear in the participant list yet. The list will be updated again before race day.

**This app is for the Live Race on race day. DO NOT USE this app with Virtual Races.


MyLaps FAQ about the app and company: https://mylaps.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204453841-4-1-User-FAQ