August 29, 2016

2016 Survey Results

Thank you to the 850 participants who completed the 2016 post race survey. We want you to know that your comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions have been heard. We complied a list below of the results with answers to those questions and stats about responses. Our race committee will be going through each survey in more depth to improve this event.

Question 1: How did you hear about the Garmin Marathon?

Top Answer: Ran in the past

Other Top Answers: Friends, Facebook, Garmin, KC Running Co. / Heartland Series.

Questions 2: How can we improve the Garmin Marathon?

Top Answer: Ability to leave venue and waiting anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to leave complex while in car.

Race Committee’s Reply: We have moved the start/finish location South of the hotel and runners will not cross the exit near hotel. This will allow smooth traffic out of the event all day long on 105th Street. The new course map will show this adjustment.

2016 Course Parking Issues


2017 Course Parking Issues Resolution



More information will be posted with course map reveal in December 2016.


Other Top Answers:

  1. Fix mile eight and nine flags. – Corrections will be made.
  2. Shuttle location pick up and drop off. – Will be adding signage and better birds eye view map and make sure the buses are in location we promote, as well as limiting the amount of bus locations.
  3. More people and bands along the run. – Setting up more spectator locations, volunteer groups, and bands along streets and trails.
  4. Sort photos of runners for bib and time. – Adding a few extra clocks on both sides of finish line as well as selecting a photo company with ability to sort and search.
  5. Elevation map was misleading. – We will change the perspective of highest and lowest elevation on chart to show better hills and valleys so you can prepare.
  6. More vendors and food after race. – Secured a large sponsor this year to provide more food in runner re-fuel tent, more inflatables for kids, as well as possible food trucks in festival. Looking to add chocolate milk, watermelon, protein, sport drinks, etc… (Also keep around vendors and beer for 6 hour finishers.)
  7. More activities for families during race. – Looking to secure band, and more activities for families as they wait for runners to return.
  8. More water stops and better mix on sports drinks. – Looking to add more stops on second half of each race, as well as make gatorade mix procedure for all stations. Also make sure we are handing out drinks and GU, maybe even stations with fruit or snacks.
  9. Better organized pre-start atmosphere, timing of starts and national anthem, as well as more porta-potties. – We have ordered more porta-potties and they will face the start line as well as better signage for areas, and more space for runners to line up before the race. We will have a new setup where all participants and spectators can see flag and only one sound system for the national anthem and kids warm-ups.
  10. Add more prizes to top 3 finishers for overall male and female in each race. – We have asked our Title sponsor Garmin if they can do this.
  11. Kansas is NOT flat, or more hills than in the past. – We have made a few adjustments for the 2017 half and full with the amount of elevation changes.
  12. Road kill on road. – We will have the city crew sweep again in the morning. We had the crew sweep the night before and then had some overnight roadkill.

Questions 3: What were the best parts of the Garmin Marathon?

Top Answers:



Expo was way bigger than in years past

Photo OP with Wizard of Oz Character cut outs and stage with “Beat Yesterday”




Garmin Product support at Expo

Great Challenging Course (Loved the hills)

Not very many hills

Not as hilly as other races

Free Beer

Free Sandwiches


You actually had photos this year, too bad they weren’t sorted

Chiropractic, Massages

Awards, plenty of restrooms

The shuttle was great

Inflatable for kids

Plenty of water stops

Pre-race coffee

I got a PR!

Very well organized

Loved the app

Police officers were great

Parking before hand was easy

Some guy handing out chocolate chip cookies around mile 4