December 11, 2020

2021 Garmin Olathe Marathon Safety Measures

In the event the in-person Garmin Olathe Marathon is cancelled due to the on-going pandemic, the following options will be made available to all runners.

  1. Deferment – All registered runners can defer their race entry from 2021 to 2022, with no additional fees.
  2. Virtual Marathon – All registered runners can automatically transfer their entry to the virtual race option. If you choose the virtual option, all registrants will receive a medal, bib and race shirt by mail, or have the option to pick up the race items at a yet-to-be-determined packet pickup event.

Race Weekend

Stay safe
Wear a mask

If the race proceeds as an in-person event, as scheduled, the following safety measures will be in place and strictly followed during the Garmin Olathe Marathon race weekend.

Expo & Packet Pickup – Packet Pickup will take place at Ball Conference Center.  Face coverings must be worn at all times while inside building. The Expo & Packet Pickup will feature an assortment of vendors stationed a properly distanced booths. We’ll adhere to strict social-distancing guidelines. Along with signage asking everyone to maintain six feet of social distancing, we’ll have hand sanitizing stations throughout the conference center, as well.

Race Day

Please maintain a safe distance

Start line – All runners must enter the start line with a face covering. While waiting to start, we’ll use a corral system, which will lead into a rolling start. Runners are assigned to start corrals based on previous race times or on predicted times. This staging helps facilitate a smoother flow of traffic creating a faster and safer environment for participants. Racers will position themselves next to cones measuring out six feet of social distancing. Pacers will assist with this placement, as well. More information about our starting system will be emailed and posted on the website in the coming weeks.

Start of race – Trash cans will be placed at the starting line where runners can dispose of face coverings when the race starts However, we do encourage keeping your face coverings, because it is required after crossing the finish line. Each corral will flow smoothly right after one another. There will be no stopping between the groups. Once the first grouping starts to move forward, then the next corral will file in behind them.

During the Race – We highly encourage all runners to maintain safe distancing during the race. Strict safety measures will be followed at the frequent aid stations. Also, a decision on spectators along the course has not been made at this time. More specific information on water distribution and spectators will be shared later.

Finish Line – A face covering is required after crossing the finish line. Remember to either keep your face covering from the start of race or carry an extra one, if you decided to throw it way, but we’ll have face coverings available if you don’t have one.

Family/Munchkin Run – A decision on whether or not we’re having the Family/Munchkin Run has not been made. 

Awards Ceremony – There will be no awards ceremony after the race. We’ll hand out medals and plaques, individually

Race After Party – To limit the risk of large gatherings, there are no after race activities/events currently scheduled. There will be light, packaged snacks for runners, handed out by our volunteers.

Please note that since the 2021 Garmin Olathe Marathon is scheduled for November 6, all of the information above is subject to change. There will be more detailed information available as we get closer to the event.  We’ll continue to monitor and update our safety measures and other important race information as we follow the Johnson County Health Department guidelines and regulations.  Be sure to check the Garmin Olathe Marathon website and our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for the latest updates.